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‘Teixar’ 2010 and cava d’Enoteca Gramona Best Catalan wines in 2014

teixar2010Barcelona (ACN).- The 2014 Catalonia Wine Guide has given top marks to the ‘Teixar’ 2010 (Domènech vineyard-D.O Montsant, Southern Catalonia) and to the cava Brut Gran Reserva 2000 (Enoteca Gramona La Plana, Greater Barcelona), with a 9.77 out of 10 for each of them.

These two wines are the very best in Catalonia, according to this year’s guide, which was released along with a new application for smart phones, ‘Guide App’. The guide now offers a variety of information and different concepts presented via the latest technology of Augmented Reality. With these innovative changes, the guide is looking to introduce Catalan wines to a wider audience, by appealing to young people. Moreover, the guide has created the ‘Vins Catalans’ (Catalan wines), platform an “umbrella brand” supporting activities and initiatives in favour of wine dissemination…


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