Scuba diving on the Costa Brava

more-divingWhile there are plenty of dive sites along the rugged coast of the Costa Brava, some of the best dive spots are located at the Medes Islands, off Estartit, and Cap de Creus. Scuba diving is massively popular during summer and both areas are designated natural parks where it is forbidden to remove anything from the seabed.

The Medes Islands

The Medes were at one time popular among divers harvesting coral, but since a ban was enforced some 20 or more years ago the coral has grown back spectacularly.

Located a mile off the popular beach resort, the archipelago consists of seven islands with a large number of dive sites. Some of these go down to around 50 metres, while others are in the 20-25 metre range.

There are also cave systems to explore, although since they are quite open they require nothing in the way of special equipment.

One thing you may find on some of the cave dives – Dofi Sud is one particular dive where you’ll often encounter a number of huge groupers. The fish are well over a metre in length and completely tame; they’ll often follow divers around on the dive and they get so close you can reach out and touch them. Amazing.

The number of dive boats is strictly controlled into the area and there is an additional tax charged for diving in the area, which will be included in the cost of a boat dive.

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