Fake Catalan euros stir up independence bid

edab3e9f421ad1e7c4034d21b5ca211f8cdc071b9007ec809d02ba5dcdd36374One man’s dream of seeing an independent Catalonia in the EU has led him to create the first unofficial euro coins representing the possible future country-to-be.

The ‘limited edition’ coins, which number 8,000 so far, have been minted in China and are being sold through an anonymous Facebook page.

Although the ‘Catalan’ two and one euro coins have the same dimensions and metallic composition as any of those used across Europe, they differ from the Spanish version in that King Juan Carlos’ image has been replaced by two castellers at the top of the traditional human tower seen at Catalan festivals.

The smaller pieces – 50,20,10,5,2 and 1 cent ones – feature an image of Catalonia’s patron saint George fighting the dragon.

The first batch of coin cases has proven to be such a success that the only ones now available are on eBay for three times the original price of €10 ($13.70).

Decorated with the red and yellow of the Catalan Senyera flag,  two written messages stand out on the collector’s box: “First attempt at minting the euro coin of the Catalan Republic” and “Ours are not legal tender”.

Read the full piece…

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