How to Watch BBC in Catalonia after the Big Switch off

televisionLast week expats across much of Spain and other countries in Europe woke up to find that overnight they had lost the ability to receive BBC channels via satellite. The chance is down to the BBC switching their satellite broadcasts from an old satellite, and in the change they also decided to focus the satellite beam much more tightly on the UK.

12 Feb Update: ITV and Channel 4 made the move overnight, so the situation is even worse. The same solutions will apply though.

The result is that whereas many Brits in Spain could watch BBC, now they are unable. It hasn’t happened over the entire country but if you’re like me and have lost the BBC it is extremely frustrating.

I actually don’t watch that much on BBC – mainly Top Gear ;) – and I appreciate that we don’t contribute towards the British television licence that helps fund the BBC. Even so, it seems to have been a harsh decision and upset many people.

The good news though is that there are some solutions for you. Here we look how to watch BBC in Spain online on your TV, laptop or other device:

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