The Best Cafés in Barcelona to Work in

Optimized-DSC_0946Although I haven’t yet really felt the need for a coworking space, sometimes, when I’m working on a project, I feel an urge to get out and about. Fortunately, there’s plenty of great cafés in Barcelona to work in, where not only is there WiFi and a nice background hum, but someone will bring you cake and coffee from time to time. Here’s some of my favourite places to take the laptop for a stroll. Much more fun than an office, and a paradise for the self-employed!

Cafés for working in Barcelona (all with WiFi)

Mitte (Eixample Dreta) was recently shown to me by a friend, and since then has become my number one top cafe for working in in Barcelona. Everything you could need is on hand in this large and modern, yet somehow still cosy café – from plenty of space and little noise to a fast WiFi connection and even tables where you could have a group discussion. Exhibitions on the walls lend a creative vibe. This is clearly a hotspot for local freelancers – I’ve run into other people in my circle of professional contacts here, too. The chocolate and orange flavour tea is also amazing.

The lounge of the Hotel Pulitzer (Plaça Catalunya) is another great place for a mini-meeting, especially if you need somewhere central and with a high level of formality to bring a new client or coworker. Actually, I come here every week for a regular meetup with one of my clients, so if you see me be sure to say hi! (Although don’t be offended if I’m working and can’t answer). Of the two, the Pulitzer is slightly funky and tends to get busier, whereas the Hotel Regina nextdoor is a little quieter if it seems too full, although sometimes the WiFi can be a little slow.

SandwiChez (Les Corts/Sarría) is a chain of four different cafés, all located in various parts of Sarría/Sant Gervasi/Les Corts in the businesslike north of Barcelona. Of these, I can really only tell you about the one close to the Maria Cristina metro stop, as I haven’t been to the others yet. If you find yourself in this part of the city, it’s a great place to bring your work. Good quality food, good coffee, peace and quiet if you need it and large tables if you’re holding a meeting or just to spread all your notes over. This is geared up towards the professional set, and you definitely won’t feel out of place with a laptop here. A little expensive, but what isn’t in this part of town?

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