Is this the cutest pitch invasion ever?


Brazil squad embrace young South African fan in heartwarming scenes after friendly match.

It’s probably the most successful pitch-invasion ever and certainly the cutest (since this anyway).

A young South African fan didn’t allow his team’s demolition by Brazil in last night’s friendly to get him down. Instead he took the brave decision to storm the pitch at the Soccer City stadium in Soweto.

Using a combination of outright cheek and undeniably high levels of cuteness he managed to make it on to the pitch only to face the heavy-handed stewards.


So far, so typical, but it was then that world-renowned Barcelona forward Neymar came to his rescue.

Scooping the little boy up in his arms he carried him over to his Brazilian teammates much to the obvious delight of the watching crowd.

The whole squad went on to pose for photographs with the boy and lift him aloft. Neymar, who appeared to enjoy the moment as much as the boy, later posted pictures of the incident on his Instagram page.

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