Wearable devices, stars of the 2014 Mobile World Congress

samsung-gear-fit-heart-rate-sensorThe Mobile World Congress (MWC) has been held in Barcelona from the 24th to the 27th of February. All the halls were filled with excitement as international competitive exhibitors showed their latest products and growing trends in the mobile phone industry.

This year, ‘wearable devices’ received world-wide attention. Samsung showcased the newest smartwatches called ‘Gear 2’ and ‘Gear 2 Neo’, and also its cutting-edge smartband called ‘Gear Fit’. Sony also released its latest smart device called ‘Core’. Other companies such as Motorola, which announced at the MWC it was going to launch a new smartwatch, are about to join this emergent flow in the industry. Moreover, this remarkable series of innovation in mobile devices is leading to changes in ‘traditional’ sectors like healthcare. mHealth, health-related services using mobile devices, also has become a key trend at the MWC and is set to settle into our daily lives in the very near future.

Samsung’s eye-catching wearable devices

The recently released smartwatches, Gear 2 and Gear 2 Neo, which will be available from April, introduce heart-rate sensor and the company’s own FDA-cleared S health app for the first time in its ‘Gear’ model. ‘Gear Fit’, freshly released on Monday, is simpler than the other two but it also has an inbuilt heart rate sensor. Besides, it has the primary function mainly focused on fitness: tracking function for walking, hiking, cycling, and fitness coaching system suitable for different kinds of sports. Also, ‘Gear Fit’ is prominent given that it has adopted an OLED screen, which makes it possible for the device to have a groundbreaking 1.84 inch curved screen.

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