F.C.Barcelona’s new Espai Barça process explained

The future of the new Espai Barça, or Barça Space, hinges on the referendum scheduled for April 5 of this year. In order to facilitate information regarding the project for voting members, the Board of Directors has established a Consultant Committee, composed of five FC Barcelona Club members selected by lottery, and set an intensive informational tour with 40 meetings inside the span of 30 days.

What is Espai Barça?

The Espai Barça project goes well beyond the reconstruction and remodeling of the Camp Nou. In addition to increasing the capacity of the current stadium to 105,000 and completely remodeling the current structure of the Camp Nou, the Espai Barça project entails building a new Palau Blaugrana with a capacity of 12,000, an additional court with a capacity of 2,000, an ice rink, a new Social Area, a new Commercial Area, revamped Club offices, La Masía and adding 5,000 parking spaces.

Here’s a conceptual visualisation of what the new Espai Barça will look like.

The cost of the Espai Barça

The project is certainly ambitious but in equal measure it is financially viable and realistically achievable. According to Javier Faus, FC Barcelona Economic Vice-President, the project to remodel the Camp Nou will cost no more than 400 million euros. As a whole the project will “be the most important sports project in Europe and the world. No city can boast a project like ours.”  The overall cost of the entirety of the project is estimated to be approximately 600 million euros.


It’s important to note that the Espai Barça project will not, according to Faus, “put the Club’s professional teams at risk.” Additionally, the project will not force a cost increase in season tickets for Club members.

The Economic Vice-President added that the name of the stadium may very well have a surname attached to the legendary Camp Nou moniker. “We will never lose our name, the Camp Nou, but the Board of Directors will have to select the best offer,” said Faus in regards to the possibility of acquiring an additional 150 million euros for Club coffers if the decision is approved by the Assembly on April 5.

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