10 Secrets of How to Pull at the Airport

couple-planeSick of seeing couples off to Paris for naughty weekends snogging in the departure lounge?

With KLM’s Meet & Seat and dating sites likeMeetAtTheAirport, it’s clear that airports are the new singles’ bars. But you can’t just turn up at the airport and expect to hit it off in the check-in queue. You need a strategy. Find the man or woman of your dreams for yourself with our expert guide to bagging in-transit talent.

1. Go large

Like shopping centres, when it comes to airports, your chances of pulling are in direct proportion to footfall. For sheer volume of possible in-transit talent, pick a large airport like JFK or Singapore. With a conveyor belt of beauties, sooner or later you’ll get lucky.

2. Go small

Alternatively, quantity does not equal quality. There’ll be hoards of hotties at Heathrow but they’re not going to notice. So pick a disused airfield which hosts one flight a week to Benbecula, and maximise your chance by stand outing from the crowd: wear a sombrero, cause a scene in security, or belch.

3. Move fast

Procrastination is the enemy of time, so act swiftly. You’re playing it cool: you’re propped up the bar at Garfunkel’s, you’ve ordered chicken nuggets and chips, you’re just about to zero in when, boom, the departures board suddenly flashes ‘LAST CALL’ and that Henry Cavill lookey-likey leaves their pint and legs it. Slow but sure was ok for hares, but when was the last time you saw a hare at an airport?

4. Target your market

You like them suited ‘n’ booted (and loaded)? Then target the club lounge at London City. ‘Accidentally’ spill the contents of your grande latte over their laptop to break the ice. Likewise, if you have a penchant for beer-slugging blokes in football shirts, hang around an airside bar in the hour preceding a Friday night flight to Amsterdam.

businesswoman flirting with businessman

5. Be delayed

Your flight is delayed by four hours. Great! This creates the ideal situation for pulling. Thought you had nothing in common? Now you have: you’re both stuck in the airport. They probably just want to get home to their family, but fate has thrown you together. Suggest a cheeseburger and curly fries and you’ll be in there.

Full Piece…

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