Have you ever wondered about the real activity at EU Parliament?

A site that collects data from the EU Parliament since 2009 allows you to select a country to display the activities of its MEPs (including Catalonia), check the MEP Ranking and more:

  • All MEPs from the selected State will be ranked. You can build the rank according to any parameter in the drop-down list below the map.
  • Displays some relevant information about the State, its most and less active MEPs and charts for the selected activity.MEP
  • You can click any ranked MEP to take a closer look on his/her activities.Each activity will show its value in a 4-bar chart format with the average values of a group and a State. You can compare the MEP values to any group or State in the Parliament.By placing the mouse cursor over a chart, a description of the activity will show up. By clicking on the chart you will open a detailed list of each of the counted activities.
  • Timeline charts for each activity appear at the bottom of the MEP page showing the increasing number of activities a long as the current legislative period progresses.

Go to MEP Ranking


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