Barcelona: New in Town in March



Just two years ago, Catalan couple and Sci-Fi enthusiasts, Ariadna Canela and Boris Masramon launched, an online store devoted exclusively to the design and creation of decorative, handmade alien models. Following the success of their web-based business, the couple recently opened what is supposedly the world’s first ever “alien shop” on Passeig de Sant Joan. These hyper-realistic models of our friends from afar boast scarily lifelike features with the use of resins, marble dust, latex, silicon and other materials. From alien heads mounted on trophies, to under-developed embryos in fluorescent formaldehyde, it’s certainly not your conventional retail experience, but definitely worth a look.

Elephant Clubelephant club

Elephant in the city

The end of January saw the opening of the city’s latest nighttime hangout, Elephant Club. Previously located in the swanky Pedralbes area, this restaurant/lounge has moved venue and taken its name and reputation into the heart of the city. From flamenco dinners to blingy designer launches, this club has a lot to offer Barcelona’s glamour scene. However for those special nights where you want to impress, fear not for your wallet as the oysters and champagne are optional.

Elephant Club. Pau Claris 92


Plom Galleryplom gallery

Plom Gallery

This small gallery is one of the newest additions to the many arty shops and spaces on Carrer Séneca. Besides selling original and limited edition paintings and illustrations, Plom Gallery is dedicated to introducing and opening the world of art to children. Although a rather modest size, with quite possibly the most baffling front door you have ever come across, it is a multi-purpose space, organising exhibitions, workshops and activities that show young children how to enjoy the beauty and creativity of art.

Plom Gallery. Séneca 31

See full piece

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