How to watch British TV in Catalonia

uk-tvOver the last decade and more British expats throughout Europe have been able to enjoy watching British television from satellite broadcasts using either a Sky card or, more recently, a FreeSat card.

However, when satellite broadcasts moved from Astra 2D to the more modern Astra 2E satellite in February 2014 almost everyone – including you and me – who had been enjoying British satellite broadcasts for years were suddenly cut off.

285px-Television-comic.svgI decided to look at various solutions to receiving the BBC and other UK channels over the Internet, looking for one or more to recommend. In doing so I found a free service for watching British TV on your computer, but went one step further and ordered the components to build a basic “media centre” that allows me towatch British TV live on my television and without the need for a VPN or proxy.

On this page you’ll learn about the different options you have for watching British TV channels including the BBC in Catalonia and solve the problem of your satellite transmissions being cut off.

Here are some of the most common questions


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