Catalan! Arts Podcast April 2014

390_1394022339MISHIMA_-_LNSIA_QUE_CURA_-_ALBUM_DIGITAL(1)With the arrival of spring we have a wide range of new products headlined in the Catalan press showing the excellent creativity of our current music scene. One such example is Mishima’s new album, entitled ‘L’ànsia que cura’ (Curative Anxiety or Desire). Mishima, a 5-piece band from Barcelona, with more than a decade’s experience under their belts, have become a charismatic flagship of our most advanced and sophisticated pop. The band recorded this new album at Black Box Studios, in Anjou, France, with German producer Peter Deimel, who has worked with artists such as Deus, Anna Calvi and The Last Shadow Puppets. Yet another step forward for a band who have created a powerful and poetic language of their own.

Another new product is the much-awaited new album by Gerard Quintana, who was the lead singer of the legendary Catalan rock band, Sopa de Cabra, After the triumphant return of the band in 2011, when they played for three nights in a row at Barcelona’s Palau Sant Jordi to 50,000 people, Quintana is back with a new album entitled ‘Tothom ho sap’ (Everybody Knows) created together with ex-Very Pomelo frontman Xarim Aresté, in a return to his rock ‘n’ roll roots peppered with catchy soul rhythms.

Here are a band who have taken the fusion scene by storm. We’re referring to Txarango, who have also just released a new album entitled “Som riu” (We are river”), their second CD to date following their highly successful debut album, ‘Benvinguts al llarg viatge’ (Welcome to the Long Journey). In the past two years Txarango, have proved to be quite a phenomenon with young audiences and have reasserted their commitment to participative, festive sounds blending Jamaican and Latin rhythms with instinctive pop. The band believe that their most important mission is to reach people through their music and, with this in mind, their new album is available for download on their website. The result has been extraordinary with over 40,000 downloads in just the first few days. .

imageCatalan Music is about to release three new albums in its series of compilations whose aim is to reflect the current situation of our music scene. The albums will be dedicated, respectively, to pop-rock, world music and jazz, and will be available at the end of April at international music fairs. But if you’d like a copy of your own, all you have to do is send an e-mail to with your request. The volume devoted to pop-rock offers a wide variety of tracks ranging from the experimentation of Za! and the potent rock of Standstill to the vibrant soul of The Pepper Pots. The World Music compilation features exponents of modern fusion such as La Pegatina and La Troba Kung-Fú, and the Jazz volume offers a selection of top artists such as Agustí Fernández, Marc Miralta and David Mengual.

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