What your coffee reveals about your personality

CXTF37-coffee_2677787bThe type of coffee that you drink could reveal something about your personality, according to research

A study has found that people who drink certain types of coffee share common attributes.

If you drink a latte, or add milk to your coffee, then you are likely to go out of your way to help others whereas if you prefer to drink decaffeinated coffee you are more likely to be obsessive and controlling.

Clinical psychologist Dr Ramani Durvasula conducted a study of 1,000 coffee drinkers and assessed a number of common personality styles and psychological traits.

Untitled 2These include introversion and extroversion; patience; perfectionism; warmth; vigilance; sensitivity; and social boldness, among others.

Black coffee drinkers were found to be “purist’ and prefer to keep things simple. They were found to be patient and simple but also set in their ways and resistant to making changes.

Being quiet and moody were also common traits found in black coffee drinkers.

Latte drinkers were seen to be comfort seekers and generous with their time but could also be seen to overextend themselves.

Those people who order sweet, frozen drinks, for example a frappuccino, were seen to be ‘trendsetters’ and enjoy trying lots of new things.

They are considered to be socially bold but also could be reckless.

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