What’s lurking inside the Bank of England’s vaults?

If you wanted to work at the Bank of England at the turn of the last century, you would have to answer some tough maths questions before you would be offered a job.

Detailed banking exam papers from 1906 – and manual dexterity tests for staff from the 1980s- feature among a wealth of curiosities now on show at the bank’s museum in the City of London. Take a tour with the museum’s curator, Jennifer Adam.

Untitled 2

Curiosities from the Vaults: A Bank Miscellany is at the Bank of England Museum, City of London,
until 12 July 2014.

Desktop and laptop users – media best viewed on full-screen.

All images subject to copyright. Images courtesy Bank of England Museum, London. Additional material courtesy Getty Images.

Music by KPM Music. Production by Paul Kerley. Publication date 10 April 2014.

Watch the video on BBC News

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