CataloniaVOTES: A countdown toward the Catalan referendum

Untitled3DiploCAT launches a website to explain the Catalan sovereignty process abroad

Yesterday, with 201 days until November 9th, DiploCAT launched its new website,, in English, French, and German, in order to explain the Catalan sovereignty process abroad. The site incorporates a calendar that counts down until the morning of November 9th, when the referendum is to be held and an ample collection of documentation and videos that explain the process, including one with the President of the Catalan government himself.

Among the politicians, who almost all speak in English, besides the President there is also Jordi Turull (CDC), Oriol Junqueras (ERC), Dolors Camats (ICV), Francesc Gambús (UDC), David Companyon (EUiA), and Quim Arrufat (CUP). Other speakers include Andreu Mas-Colell, Minister of Economy and Knowledge, Josep Maria Àlvarez, leader of the UGT union, Joan Carles Gallego, leader of the CCOO union, Carme Forcadell, president of the Catalan National Assembly, Eduardo Reyes, leader of Súmate, Jordi Armadans, director of the Peace Foundation, Muriel Casals, president of Òmnium Cultural, and community leaders Jordi Giró and Àngels Guiteras.

The website also includes arguments in favor of holding the referendum offered by international celebrities as well as documentation both on the Catalan sovereignty process and on similar movements around the world.

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