Big Time BCN: Barcelona’s Interactive Architecture

thumb_474__4-1Barcelona is one of Europe’s most vibrant cities. Tourists flock here for the superb restaurants, lively nightlife, and a chance to check out the stunningly creative architecture of Antoni Gaudí. But the city’s historical and cultural roots run deep, and a new interactive map aims to make it easier for visitors and locals alike to explore the city’s landmarks.

From the foundation of Barcino in around 10 BC until today, Barcelona has amassed more than 2,000 years of history in the stones of the city.

Pablo Martínez and Mar Santamaria, creators of atNight—a map of nighttime Barcelona generated from Big Data—are back with a new project together with the 300.000 Km/s collective. They’ve created Big Time BCN, an interactive catalog of Barcelona’s architectural heritage.

sagrada-familiaThe interactive map lets you look up data on 70,000 land parcels and 3000 city monuments throughout the city, in order to show how Barcelona has come to be how it is after thousands of years of construction.

Big Time BCN is the first attempt to visualize the Barcelona Heritage Catalog on a dynamic map.

In addition to the principal monuments, the map includes three thousand protected structures: walls, convents, residential and industrial buildings, façades, sculptural elements, urban furniture… All of these items may be visualized openly and in a flexible manner in order to “share knowledge about the wealth and importance of conserving the urban landscape”.

Big Time BCN hopes to become a reference tool for historians, designers and students since it provides remarkable historic information in an innovative and efficient way.

Read the full post on VilaWeb

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