Amazing Sports Stars as Album Cover Sleeves

When James Taylor’s imaginary footballer album covers got published as part of our Beautiful Games series last month, some 50 covers (that weren’t too rude to publish) appeared. Some of the best selected below.

Bradley Wiggins
The Modfather Bradley Wiggins – Modern Spring Classics.
This seemed appropriate as Wiggins had just made his return to the spring classics ( a take on Paul Weller’s Modern Classics)
Design: Gavin Wilkinson 

The Battles – A Hard Road to Glory
My cover design is dedicated to some of the athletes who have used the podium of their success to highlight causes greater than their own personal victory. The album name is taken from the autobiography title of civil rights activist, AIDS awareness campaigner and one-time world’s highest ranking tennis player, Arthur Ashe. Row 1 (left to right): Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Muhammad Ali, John Amaechi, Lance Armstrong, Arthur Ashe. Row 2 (L-R): Belle Brockhoff, John Carlos, Roger Federer, Althea Gibson, Craig Hodges. Row 3 (L-R): Jack Johnson, Magic Johnson, Bruce Lee, Joe Louis, Rashard Medenhall. Row 4 (L-R): Jesse Owens, Michael Phelps, Maria Sharapova, Tommie Smith, Serena Williams.
Design: RoanaGratitude 

Eric Cantona – Seagulls.
Design: TheIdiotBastardSon 

Eddie Edwards
Eddie Edwards Ski Dropper
It was actually a single but it worked so, in the spirit of punk/ski dropping, f**k it.
Design: Aaa_hhhh 

The Beckhams – Golden Balls
Power ballad collection about and sung by David. Penned by Victoria.
Design: Ian Roberts 

The Lance Armstrong Deception – Never Mind The Bollocks
After years of lies, cheating and deception, Armstrong always wants to deflect the blame away from himself.
Design: Smithy 

Our Paula – I’ve Been Down That Road Before
A riff on the old Hank Williams song. Nobody’s watching. (Thanks H Spender)
Design: trtonw3 

FC Barcelona Pep Sounds
Amazingly layered and technically masterful composition that defined a generation. Design: Slother 

Matthew Le Tissier Matthew Le Tissier (The Red Album)
A timeless classic. Playful, stylish and inventive.
Design: Slother 

Jimmy Connors and Chris Evert – Love Match
The sweet, sweet sound of Chris and Jimmy accompanied by the Wimbledon String Orchestra.
Design: TommyCoopersCat 

Lionel Messi Hola
This illustration was in my archives so had some fun giving it a hat-tip to the other legendary Lionel.
Design: Jo Fallon

Roberto Martinez Very Best Of
Nothing but the best from Bobby Martinez, featuring the legendary School of Science.
Design: TommyCoopersCat 

Ash ‘King’ Cole ft Cheryl Welcome to the Club
A timeless classic but originally unpopular with fans when it went on sale at an exorbitant price.
Design: MajorWhipple

Cesc Fàbregas – Substitute
Cesc’s cover of the 1966 classic by The Who.
Design: jetsarelikecomets 

See all covers on The Guardian


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