Italian snacks in Barcelona

aperitivos(By Claudia Canu/Barcelona Metropolitan) In New York, they have started to call it “drunch,” which would be considered as dinner and lunch together (although the term “drunch” is also used to describe lunch in which the alcohol runs freely, i.e. a “drunk lunch”).

As the brunch, drunch also includes food and beverages and is usually enjoyed in the style of an after-work open buffet. Is this concept truly new? If you’ve ever been to Italy, especially in the Northern area, it’s very likely that you’ve tried the typical Italian aperitivo and you will notice that the concept of “drunch” is no novelty.

A true Italian aperitivo is not simply an aperitif, but usually resembles a dinner when taking into account all the food you are offered: pasta, rice, salad, montaditos, cold meats, vegetables, and much more.

Blog+Italian+Flag+SticksIn Barcelona, there are numerous Italian restaurants that offer this type of aperitif:

Don Angelo: in Sagrada Familia (Carrer de València, 438) Open buffet + pizza + pasta dish to share. Thursday nights from 8:30pm to 10:30pm. Minimum consumption 7€, consequent consumptions 4€. Only with reservations. Restaurant tickets and credit cards are accepted. Drunch at Don Angelo is truly a complete dinner, without a doubt. The bar offers an incredible variety of food: homemade focaccia, tortilla (Spanish potato omelette), potatoes, chicken, breadsticks, mortadella, rice, cheese, and olives.

On top of all that, after some time, a waiter will come by your table to ask which type of pizza you would like (one pizza for every 2 people), and if you prefer, you can choose two flavors on a single pizza. Once finished with your pizza, you will make your pasta selection. And if you still have room for dessert, you can order it à la carte and it will be charged separately. And yes, you’ll end up rolling out of this restaurant!

Restaurante Carabassa: in Gótico (Carrer d’En Carabassa, 19) Open buffet only on Sundays from 7:30pm to 10:30pm. Minimum consumption is 2,5€. Reservations are not accepted. Credit cards can be used with a minimum purchase of 10€ and ticket restaurants are accepted.

With the sounds of electro-lounge blasting through the speakers, this restaurant gets filled during aperitif. The buffet is found in a table next to the kitchen door and usually offers dishes such as pasta, cous-cous, various sauces, salad, and bread. It’s imperative to arrive early in order to find a free table, and sitting next to the buffet is highly recommended if you want to savor some of the food offered.

See more venues and the full post on Barcelona-Metropolitan


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