World Cup England-branded clothing: How much would you spend?

 Rooney and his team-mates pose for the official photograph unveiling Nike's England 2014 World Cup home kit Photo: NIKE(By Oliver Duggan/Telegraph) Online retailers selling England merchandise are making the Brazil tournament the most ‘commercialised in World Cup history’

In the 1980s an England fan’s World Cup wardrobe would be a replica shirt or a flag around the shoulders, but after the controversy of Nike’s £90 team kit it can now be revealed that there are almost 100 pieces of branded clothing available for the 2014 tournament.

A raft of expensive England merchandise has gone on sale around the world ahead of the World Cup next week, including 78 pieces of clothing that would cost a family of diehard supporters more than £3,200 to collect.

Untitled4Analysis of the stores selling official, country-themed clothing for the Brazil competition revealed that England has among the highest number of unique items offered by European teams.

The findings, which have been highlighted as evidence of the “most commercialised World Cup” in history, come as the England team are photographed wearing yet more purchasable clothing.

Pictures of the players wearing a T-shirt that can be bought for £40 from online retailer Kitbag emerged just days after their departure portrait prompted supporters to snap up nearly every official England suit on sale at Marks and Spencer.

The grey £264 suit was in short supply yesterday with the most popular sizes completely out of stock.

england-world-cup-home-shirtThe full catalogue of apparel, sold on Fifa’s official store and on high streets across the UK, includes up to 50 varieties of men’s’ and women’s T-shirts alone, as well as long-sleeve and sweatshirt duplicates for many designs.

Merchandise branded for specific games is also on offer, including official match balls for each of England’s group games against Italy, Costa Rica and Uruguay that cost more than £100 each.

A range of “Beat Italy” and “Beat Uruguay” T-shirts are also available from Fifa’s online shop, which sells kits, clothing and accessories for each of the 32 countries competing in the forthcoming tournament.

Jeff Stephens, the General Manager of the American company that manages Fifa’s global store, said the Brazil World Cup – which begins next week – was “definitely the most commercialised we’ve ever had”.

Mr Stephens said: “There is a lot more product in the market for fans than there has been in any other World Cup. There is stuff available everywhere – some of it official and some of it unofficial.

“And there has been mixed reaction to the prices, particularly for the match kits, but we are still seeing a lot of the really dedicated, diehard fans buying the official jerseys from Nike and Fifa.”

He added that England had among the highest amount of unique merchandise in Europe, adding that each country’s product range varied significantly.

Reat the full post on The Daily Telegraph


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