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helpwebLast year, on December 5th—International Volunteer Day—Barcelona was named European Volunteering Capital for 2014, in recognition of the city’s dynamic non-profit sector and the high level of involvement in volunteering by its residents.

BM has put together a list of places that are always in need of a helping hand:


This organisation’s main objective is to raise public awareness about homelessness. Since 1987 they have supported more than 8,000 people on the streets, helping them to get back on their feet by providing accommodation and food, as well as health and social care. There are a number of ways to volunteer. You can join the team that goes out on the street, help out in the day centre, visit people who have been rehoused or are in hospital, take part in theworkshops, or give a hand maintaining the day centre.


This is a local group of volunteers organised by Julie Stephenson and Julia Fossi from Liverpool. Every week they hand out food, clothing and a bit of kindess to the homeless on the streets of Barcelona. They are always looking for help in providing and preparing food, as well as collecting items of clothing such as socks, hats, gloves, scarves and blankets. They currently make rounds in the city centre on Thursday, Saturday and Sunday evenings between 8.30pm and 10.45pm, with a minimum of three volunteers each night. There is also a central point of collection for anybody who wants to drop off clothing or food. Visit their Facebook page for more information.


This nonprofit association’s main objective is to help animals who have been abused or neglected—mainly dogs and cats—housing them in a shelter for as long as necessary until they are found a home. Volunteers are needed for cat care and dog-walking. If you don’t have time but would like to help out, you can also sponsor an animal.


This project was started in 2005 in collaboration with the district of Ciutat Vella and functions with a team of volunteers who take care of abandoned and stray cats through various tasks such as cleaning the space, feeding, and playtime. It is located just off Les Rambles in an open garden space. There are many ways you can become a volunteer.

Read the full post on Barcelona-Metropolitan

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