10 Tips for Surviving a Group Holiday

friends_holiday__sea_680(By Kirsten Mccroskrie/Skyscanner) Planning a trip abroad with a group of friends? Check out these tips before you go!

Group holidays can be make or break for friends: here are 10 friendship-saving tips on how to travel as a group (and still be on speaking terms when you return home!

‘We should all definitely go on holiday together this summer!’ What starts off as being an undoubtedly great idea, might begin to fizzle out once you realise that your friend’s little quirks aren’t as funny after a two-week holiday. Group trips can and should be fun experiences so here are 10 tips to ensure that you (and your friends) make the most of the experience.

1. Managing money

Not setting a budget is a sure fire way to start an argument while on holiday. Before you leave, agree how much you can spend so to avoid turning up at your destination of choice with high expectations of champagne dinners when the rest of your party are searching for the nearest cheap café. For more advice on managing your cash on holiday, check out our podcast.

2. Split the bills

Sticking with the theme of money, avoid owing people or being owed money. Split your bills evenly and stick to your own budget. It will help to avoid an awkward conversation when you get home as to when you’ll be getting that 30 euros back.

3. The power of compromise

You might not want to go to a waterpark as much as the rest of the group, but stomping your feet until you get your own way isn’t going to do you any favours either. Sometimes you just have to go with the flow and know you’ll get to do what you want later in the trip.

Group of friends taking photo
Even if you don’t want to be there – keep on smiling!

4. Split into sub-groups

Half of you want to hit the bars, half of you want nothing more than to go to sleep. It’s ok to not spend the entire trip together, just so long as no one is being left behind.

5. Allow yourself some alone time

It’s tiring to be sociable 24/7. Don’t feel guilty if you want to go have a lie down while everyone else heads to lunch or sunbathe while everyone else jumps on a banana boat. You’ll even have the added bonus of having a front row seat for when they inevitably fall off at the end!

6. Some conversational talking points to avoid

Of course there are the usual ones – religion, politics… but while you’re at it, maybe a holiday isn’t the best time to inform your friend you’re moving out the flat you share, or it was actually you that broke his/her laptop but blamed the dog… As appealing as it may seem to offload some news while the mood is light, it won’t necessarily be received well just because they are on to their third mojito.

7.The trouble with alcohol

Alcohol can make you do some stupid things! Especially those really strong cocktails they make at beach resorts. Of course we’re not advocating no alcohol whatsoever, but maybe avoid drinking so much that you end up arguing with your group, or going on a little solo adventure and getting lost, or drinking so much you can’t get up in time for that trip you had planned for the following morning – the list is endless really.
Just remember you've got a 9am train to catch!

8.Know your limits

Just because everyone else wants to sky-dive, it doesn’t mean you have to. You don’t always have to jump on the bandwagon and you especially don’t have to put yourself in a situation that makes you uncomfortable for the sake of other people. If you don’t want to do something, don’t do it, you’ll only end up resenting others and that’s surely counter-productive?

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