Most Expensive Football Sponsorship Deals

These football clubs can generate money from several sources and one of the biggest is Kit Sponsorship deal and the kit suppliers deal. It is to be noted here that both deals are separate and different.

Top 5 Highest Paid Kit Sponsorship deals:

Manchester United Chevrolet kit details#1. Cheverlot (Manchester United) – $80 Million

Manchester United signed a massive $80 a year kit deal with american car manufacturer Chevrolet, The deal is signed for 7 years which reportedly worth $559 million in total. Making it the most expensive kit sponsorship deal ever. Chevrolet fired their CEO after the deal as they missed intercepted the figures.
Barcelona qatar airways kit sponsorship details#2. Qatar Airways (FC Barcelona) – $45 Million

Barcelona famously replaced their UNICEF logo on the kit which was a free no sponsorship with a high-profile shirt deal with Qatar Airways which pays them around $45 million a year.
Bayern Munich Deutsche Telekom sponsorship details#3. Deutsche Telekom (Bayern Munich) – $40 Million

Bayern Munich extended their sponsorship deal with German telekom company Tmobile in 2012, and that will pay them $40 a year and another extension can be done if Bayern Munich continue to dominate the World football.
Real Madrid Fly Emirates Sponsorship details#4. Fly Emirates (Real Madrid) – $39 Million

Real Madrid replaced their Bwin sponsorship deal with Fly Emirates, the deal was signed in 2012 and will run through 2017 with Fly Emirates paying $39 a year in sponsorship deal to Real Madrid.
Liverpool Standard Charter sponsorship deal#5. Standard Chartered (Liverpool) – $31 Million

In 2009 Liverpool signed a mega million deal with Standard Charter (the bank) and replaced their oldest and longest running kit deal with Carlsburg (beer company). Now Liverpool nets around $31 million a year in kit sponsorship while their previous shirt deal was for a $11 millions a year.


Kit Sponsorship deal:

Than there is sponsorship deal, which club strike with any company who is willing to pay the club a certain amount to place their logo in the club’s official kits in all competition (or certain competition)

Most Expensive Kits Suppliers & Sponsorship Deals

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