Android Apps for a City Break

(By James Teideman/Skyscanner) From packing to creating memorable photos – we have 10 helpful Android apps for a city trip.

How did we get by without smartphones? These trusty little devices are now necessary travel tools that help you to plan your trip, find the best things to see and do as well as documenting your experiences while you are there.

Here at Skyscanner, we’ve been testing out the best Android travel apps that will specifically aid any city break, from Singapore to San Francisco. So whether you need help with converting your Yen in Tokyo, or want to find the most traditional tapas bar in Madrid, we reveal the 10 best Android travel apps for city breaks.

young woman using smartphone

1. Booking: Skyscanner Hotels – free

Before you jet off on your city break make sure you get the right accommodation – at the right price. Skyscanner Hotels lets you select a specific hotel or city and searches millions of hotel rooms worldwide to find the cheapest price. You can filter results by price, star rating or can search for hotels near your favourite tourist attraction. Once you’ve found your perfect hotel you are connected directly with the hotel travel site without any hidden fees. It is fast, free and easy to use!

2. Packing: Trip List – £0.69

For many, packing is the main source of stress of any holiday. How can you possibly know what to pack, what to leave and what you may have forgotten? Trip List takes the stress away from this part of the travel prep by allowing you to check off items as you pack from your own lists or sample lists they have created that are country specific (you’ll never forget a travel adaptor again!). You can also share your list with your friends so no one will forget a thing.

3. Weather: WeatherBug – free

Never be caught out by the weather again. The WeatherBug app is a very reliable Android weather app that offers detailed and up to date weather, traffic and news information, in English, Spanish and Portuguese.

4. Wi-Fi: Wi-Fi Finder – free

Just remembered that you forgot to send an important work email? Or just really want to upload that picture of you at the Eiffel Tower? Whatever the reason, Wi-Fi finder helps you quickly find Wi-Fi spots using your phones GPS without incurring huge data roaming charges. So if you can’t bear to spend a day without Facebook then this is the app for you.

woman using smartphone camera, London

5. XE Currency – free

We’ve all made that mistake, getting the calculations wrong and ending up paying considerably more than we were hoping to for a fake football strip or tacky snow globe. XE Currency will ensure you never get it wrong again with its accurate and up to date exchange rates.

6. Hailo – free

Hailing a taxi has never been so simple. This app lets you hail a cab in two taps, pay automatically with your card (or by cash) and be guaranteed a trusted taxi driver. This is a safe and reliable app for getting around in an unfamiliar city. It certainly takes the stress out of the airport commute! The app is currently available for the UK, Ireland, and certain Spanish, American, Canadian and Japanese cities.

7. Foursquare – free

You’re on holiday! You want to eat the best possible food, see the best attractions and experience the best nightlife during your short time in your city destination. Foursquare helps you find these places based on your tastes and (generally) unbiased views from other users. It handily lets you search for activities near your location too.

8. Triposo – free

Forgot to buy a guidebook? Or prefer a bit of spontaneity in your travel? Triposo is for you. They use clever algorithms to generate high quality travel guides from info around the web and display info based on the day, location, weather and time. What’s more, the guides can later be accessed without an internet connection.

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