Top Ten Social Media Job Websites

Social-media-Job-Sites2(By BriannaB/Toptensocialmedia) The fact the economy has appeared to be on the “outs” in terms of new job creation, does not seem to phase the social media sector of the market when it comes to the social media job search.

New careers in this area are abundant. A job seeker doing a social media job search should already have an online presence, be more than familiar with social networking, and have knowledge of the various platforms to promote a brand within a social media marketing job. In other words, if you are truly savvy in this industry, you should already have the online resources at your disposal. Here are the top ten websites trending, for people looking to land social media marketing jobs.



The ultimate in true entrepreneurship, it serves as the basic “Classifieds” of the internet and connects real people, in real time. Established in 1995 by Craig Newmark, it began as an e-mail distribution list between friends for happenings in the San Francisco Bay Area, and individuals can easily find a descriptive social media job description accompanying a social media job salary. Expanding in 2000, it now serves over 50 countries. The site is simple and straight forward. All e-mails can be kept anonymous, and it is a free service to use for the job seeker. Craigslist is a great tool for finding a social media marketing job.



The leader in online staffing platforms, oDesk offers access to a global marketplace. It makes perfect sense that when looking for social media marketing jobs, freelancing online is a formidable option. Founded in 2005, the dashboard allows you organize all your work related material into one space. Various tools are offered like: a testing center to brush up on skills and gain certifications, a section to post your resume and experience, and even a profile where you can add a pic and biography.


When it comes to social media platforms, LinkedIn is by far the most professional. There is no better way to establish a business presence online. If a job market married a social network, this would be it. The program allows an applicant to discover professional opportunities, business deals, and even new ventures. Users can post their resume and make connections with past colleagues and employers. People review prior work performance, and many agencies rely on the information here when reviewing job placement, especially when it comes to social media.

Jobs In Social Media


What better place to look, than somewhere that is practically named after your search results? Although a fairly new market, this specific targeting is highly beneficial to the job seeker. Established in 2009, the “Jobs in Social Media” site is quickly becoming one of the leading boards for social media marketing jobs. The platform sees more than 10,000 visitors a month and as an incentive for employers, they offer to post all of the ads from start to finish. Visit and check out the social media job descriptions.



In cahoots with AOL jobs, this tried and true classic has been around since 2008 and is the largest online employment website in the United States. It should be viewed as more of a recruiter, than an actual site to find active employment. They have over 1,900 partners that they scour the web for, including 140 newspapers and conglomerates like AOL and MSN. Although some consider this site “spammy,” it’s a great bot to have searching at your disposal, and will free you up to look elsewhere.

Marketing Edge


Everyone can use a chance to brush up on their skills, and network with the pros. Marketing Edge is a form of continued education that is also a placement service for interns and entry-level people, who are just trying to broach the subject of a social media job market. It connects professors and college students to real world marketing opportunities. The only non-profit on the list, it has a considerable job bank with access to the latest openings in the modern marketing industry.



Indeed is right. It is considered a meta-search engine and surpassed Monster in 2010 as the most visited job site in the United States. It serves more as a filter, and aggregates job listings from thousands of websites. Last year, Indeed even began offering cloud storage for data like resumes, and cover letters. Its listings even include the social media job salary. It’s available in over 53 countries, and 27 languages and is indeed, a great place to start for social media listings.

Simply Hired


An online recruitment advertising network, much like Indeed, Simply Hired collects thousands of job postings across the web, and lists them under specific categories. It’s a great way to refine your search without expending the energy of viewing a thousand sites. These types of platforms are particularly important for such a unique niche of the job market, like social media. Since the job market is slightly narrow for these particular jobs, it is wise to take advantage of larger search engines with specific filters, despite the annoying advertising.



Employers can post their job ads for free here. That is big, given most of the market charges a small fee. Elance realizes that social media marketing is a recent component of a company’s integrated marketing communication plan. The site is geared more towards the perspective of the employer, and not the employee, but it is a great place to learn about the industry in general. As of 2013, Elance is used by over 500,000 businesses, and employs over 2 million registered freelancers.

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