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Map of European Vegetarian Restaurants by Country

(By Jakub Marian) The following map is based on the number of entries at, the largest directory of vegetarian restaurants in the world. It should be noted that the number can be misleading for tiny countries.

For example, according to, there is just one vegetarian restaurant in Andorra, but since it has only around 80,000 inhabitants, the figure shown here is “12.6 vegetarian restaurants per 1 million inhabitants”.


Edit: Please note that the number of entries taken from HappyCow also includes health food stores (not just restaurants, which I hadn’t noticed by the time the map was created), so the number of actual restaurants would be somewhat lower.

Source: JakubMarian

One thought on “Map of European Vegetarian Restaurants by Country

  1. According to the British Vegetarian Societies Hand book there are more vegetarian restaurants in Brighton than there are in the whole of Scotland.


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