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London and Barcelona rank in the world’s top 10 of best Reputation Cities

maxed_outThe Reputation Institute’s City RepTrak® 2014 study, presented at ESADE, confirms that cities with good reputations also do better economically.

London is the 8th and Barcelona the 9th most reputable city in the world according to City RepTrak® 2014. Presented at ESADE, the study measures the reputation of 100 cities around the world. The list is topped by Vienna, Munich, Sydney, Florence and Oslo.

European cities once again dominated the list, with seven of the top 10 slots going to European cities this year. On average, European cities had an overall score of 68.6, compared with 66.9 for North American cities and far lower scores for cities in the Asia-Pacific region, Latin America and Africa.

This year, Barcelona jumped into the top 10 from its 23rd place showing in 2013, whereas Madrid dropped from 27th place to 32nd place.


According to Ana Varela, Director of the ESADE Brand Institute, “These results show that Barcelona has quickly positioned itself among the top-tier cities of the world.” She added, however: “The economic and political environment is not helping to improve this reputation. The various crises have had an impact on investments and infrastructures, as well as on the city’s appeal as a business centre, beyond its notoriety in the creative realm.”

Better economic results

City RepTrak® 2014 confirmed that cities with good reputations also do better economically. Enrique Johnson, Director of the Reputation Institute, explained: “A city with a good reputation attracts tourists, talent and investment under better conditions than a less popular city.” Similarly, a country’s reputation evolves in parallel to that of its cities, illustrating the close correlation between the two.

The study ranked the most reputable cities on the basis of trust, esteem, admiration and respect, as well as perceptions regarding 13 attributes grouped into three categories: development level, quality of life and institutional quality.

Barcelona on social media

Although Barcelona’s popularity as an topic of discussion waxes and wanes in relation to special events, it always maintains a healthy online presence. According to a global tracking study of the Barcelona brand’s social media presence, the city is primarily mentioned in relation to tourism, sports and culture, but also business, corporate events, conferences and education. The tracking study, also presented today at ESADE, was carried out by Barcelona Global in collaboration with Accenture’s Barcelona-based international big data centre.

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