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Why Barcelona is a Smart City reference

Logo smart bcnA few days ago we read an interesting post: the top ten smart cities, de Boyd Cohen.

The chosen, based on criteria such as the intelligent use of ICT (Information Technology and Communication), efficiency, innovation, sustainability, respect for the environment and quality of life are: Vienna (First!), Toronto, Paris, NY, London, Tokyo, Berlin, Copenhagen, Hong Kong and Barcelona.

Why Barcelona? It was hoped the inclusion in the list of cities like New York or Toronto, with a proven track record in the use of ICT to improve the services offered to citizens and increase energy efficiency. But we did not know that Barcelona might place so close to these cities. The reasons given in your post are Cohen:

  1. It is a pioneer city in intelligent solutions and reduced carbon use.
  2. He was the first to introduce a city ordinance relating to the incorporation of feedback systems and use of solar energy for the production of hot water in city buildings (Solar Thermal Ordinance Barcelona, year 2000).
  3. The project LIVE Barcelona, to implement the electric vehicle. We have also heard of the electric motorcycle.
  4. Efforts to innovation and development as smart city.


But there are still a few more reasons why Barcelona is becoming a benchmark for smart cities:

  1. Without a doubt, 22 @, converted into an old neighborhood in the technology park that have been installed over 1.500 companies 10 universities. The test of the city as a smart urban. Some of the improvements that have been implemented include the installation of smart containers in some streets, sensors that send information through geocoded each collection point and the amount of waste to be deposited. In the Forum, moreover, has implemented the first network for heating and cooling buildings , being extended throughout the 22 @. The thermal energy is generated in a centralized, from where the hot or cold water needed to heat each room.
  2. Self-sufficient islands projects, devices that measure the electricity consumption of households.
  3. The Barcelona WiFi.
  4. The future network bus orthogonal, designed to achieve a more efficient transport system and sustainable.
  5. The European project iCity, in collaboration with Genoa, London and Bologna. It consists of a platform that will allow SMEs access to municipal data to design mobile applications at the service of citizens.
  6. The Port of Barcelona, which has already expressed its willingness to become a smart port and start incorporating developments in this regard.
  7. The deployment of telematics, as telecare and incident detectors in the home.

Read the full post on Polynomials Media

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