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10 Things that turn Catalans Cuckoo

1. Hear immigrants talking in Catalan

We’d snog them!


 2. Free stuff

No matter what. Even if we don’t like it o if it is useless.


3. Have invented ‘pa amb tomàquet’

On day the whole world will open the eyes to the most important gastronomic invention ever. Sandwiches without tomato sense are shit.


4. All Barça troubles are inflicted by the Spanish Inquisition

Against Mourinho we used to have a better life.


5. Boast on being experts on any issue

And if we can’t share the news, throw it up on Twitter.


6. Say “we’ll meet up again” without date

Everything is cool and spontaneous, but it’s impossible to meet up with you.


7. Checking up Spanish tv channels condescendingly

“Because Catalan sense of humor is more intelligent…” and then we stick to the set all night watching “Aquí no hay quien viva”.


8. Insisting that Barcelona is “more European” than Madrid

But if we get kicked out of it…


9. When introduced as Catalans, a person from Madrid still remains sympathetic to us

Love at first sight. Suddenly Spain is cool.


10. Reminding that ‘La Marató de TV3’ collects a lot more than all telethons made in Spain

Now repeat that we are not supportive.

Source: Benegre

One thought on “10 Things that turn Catalans Cuckoo

  1. Hahah…funny,and true. I completely agree.
    I’m one of those that think that we have a different sense of humor,more like what we call British humor,but I watch “aqui no hay quien viva”,but just for the Catalan actor…ehem ehem 😉


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