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McDonald’s outlets per capita in Europe by country

(By Jakub Marian) After a map of the number of vegetarian restaurants per 1 million inhabitants in Europe, I thought it would be interesting to take a look at the other side of the coin as well, and what could be more “opposite” to being vegetarian than hamburgers at McDonald’s?


The map is based on an article on Wikipedia that lists the number of McDonald’s outlets by country. Unlike my other maps, I am going to abstain from any interpretation of the data and would love to hear your opinion about why the figures look the way they look in the comments.

The underlying blank map is due to Tindo and licensed from If you want to share the map, please share a link to this webpage instead of sharing just an isolated picture.

Source: Jacob Marian

One thought on “McDonald’s outlets per capita in Europe by country

  1. Is that little 50 snuggled in there between France and Spain, Andorra? Does that mean there are about 4 Macdonalds over there? Not sure if my maths is working right. Present population of Andorra 79,000 thereabouts.

    My other question is whether you found how many there are in Scotland as opposed to England?

    Really interesting map.

    I have been to Macdonalds about five times in my life, mostly for chips or to use the loo. I am also vegetarian so the other map was fascinating too



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