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England’s top five most Welcoming Smells

As part of a recent survey, Barratt Homes asked to name the smells they found most welcoming. Here are the results – a countdown of the five odours that make us feel most at home.

5. Fried Breakfast

stressfreefullenglis_67721_16x9Because grease makes a house a home – especially in you live in a high street caff.

4. Pasta and Pesto

HerbPestoPastaThe scent of authentic Italian cuisine.
Also, a shade easier to make than beans on toast.

3. Home-Baking

rhubarb_and_custard_tart_01442_16x9Because, secretly, we’d all love to go round Mary Berry’s gaff for tea and cake.

2. Coffee

coffee_cup_5f057eb3e-5884-4e66-8f3b-1eb53495b1e7largeUndeniably, freshly ground coffee smells like heaven. Though that might be our addiction talking.

1. A Roast Dinner

35bc7967-4581-4dd5-bcf6-e2754c446bf0A chicken that’s spent a few hours in the oven is a beautiful thing.
It’s still not Nando’s, though.

Source: Time Out

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