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Barcelona launches Bicing electric

Bicing electric has been launched recently in the city of Barcelona in a test phase to see how it works. Initially the service will be limited to 1,500 users, with 150 vehicles and 23 stations. To sign up, users must already be members of the normal Bicing service.


These new electric bicycles are worth more than 1,000 euros each. They weigh only 23 kg – four more than conventional bikes- and have a back-wheel motor that charges at the stations and can go up to 20 kilometers per hour.

The charge lasts between 30 and 40 kilometers depending on how the bike is used. The electric bicycles have been designed, manufactured and created by Catalan companies.

Barcelona now has 303 public charging points for electric vehicles
The Barcelona City Council has expanded the city’s network of charging points for electric vehicles, installing 182 new ones in B:SM parking garages. 74% of the new plugs are for cars and 26% for motorcycles.

With this, Barcelona is strengthening its commitment to leading the charge to integrate the electric vehicle into the city by establishing a network of public charging points and promoting public/private partnerships with initiatives in this arena. In total, the city now has 303 public charging points: 121 on public streets and 182 in B:SM parking garages.

In addition to these, the city also has more than 100 charging points in private facilities, like shopping centers, hotels, etc., which are open to the public but managed privately.

Source: BcnCat.

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