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More Things Non-Brits Just Don’t Get About Britain

weird-britain-woman-enters-manchester-mcdonalds-on-horsebackYou thoght we had finished with the long list of things that puzzle Non-Brits about Britons. No way!

Here is more about not getting their heads about Britain.

By Lynn Enright – BuzzFeed

– The way you mix up names for meals. “Lunch” is “dinner” and “dinner” is “tea”. And then there’s “supper”. What even is “supper”? And why is “dessert” is called “pudding”?

– The great North-South divide.
As far as non-British people can ascertain, there’s a complicated mistrust that stems from a disagreement over how people pronounce the word “bath” and how much a pint costs.


– Your condiments.
No mayonnaise. So much vinegar. And what is with this Branston Pickle?


– The words “cor” and “blimey”.

– The way house prices are included in newspaper reports about murders.

The efficiency, efficacy, egalitarianism, and, above all, FREENESS, of the NHS. Britain, it is amazing. And baffling. But bravo.


– Yorkshire puddings.
Firstly, they’re not really puddings, are they? Secondly, they proliferate in pubs and homes everywhere, not just in Yorkshire. Thirdly, they’re not even that nice. British people act like Yorkshire puddings are edible sublimity; the rest of the world sees them for what they are: slightly tasteless, puffed-up batter.

– The pronunciation of Holborn (Hoe-born or Hole-born?), Marylebone (just so tricky), and Loughborough (why isn’t it just LOCK-burra?).

– How you have to be some sort of train website sleuth if you want to buy a reasonably priced train ticket.
To a foreigner, it seems logical that if you want to travel with a certain train company, you should visit its website. But that’s not right, is it?

Things Non-Brits just Don’t Get about Britain

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