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Cafès in Barcelona to work in Gràcia

Politics, accounting, European economic policy… it’s all very well, but there is another important concern which, from the look of my stats page, it seems you’re all desperate to know more about:

Where’s a good café with a good WiFi connexion where I can take my laptop and get some work done?

In today’s edition we look at my old ‘hood, Gràcia. Enjoy!

Cafès in Gràcia with WiFi

imagesI have whiled away many a happy hour working at Cafè Camèlia and they’ve never (to date) chucked me out, so I feel it is time to repay the favour. This charming café offers a stable WiFi connexion and plenty of sweet treats to get you meeting deadlines. As a plus side for when you’re not in work mode, they also do acoustic nights. The downside? Like many of Gràcia’s charmingest spacest, it’s kind of small and tends to be quite busy.

Cafè Lorca is an undiscovered (well, relatively) gem in Gràcia’s “dark side” (to the left of the Passeig de Gràcia). In a similar style to Cafè Camèlia, Cafè Lorca fits in well with the Gràcia vibe: one part bohemian, one part homemade and one part youthful and vibrant. That said, it is often slightly less busy (or at least on the days when I’ve been there). If you need artistic inspiration to work well, Gaudí’s Casa Vicens is just round the corner, but if all you require is WiFi and caffeine you’ll be equally in your element. Sometimes a little cold in winter. N.b. I couldn’t find a website – link goes directly to Google Maps location.

reforma cafeteria antico caffe 06Oh! Caffe is simple, cheap and cheerful. It is a testament to Oh! Caffe’s available space and volume levels that I have successfully managed to hold a meeting in here to discuss a video. Oh! Caffe won’t offer anything out of the ordinary, just really good basics – space, cheap coffee and (relatively) noise-free. Which actually might in itself be considered somewhat extraordinary. Again – no website.

1779140_1475479339332019_520825287_nIs La Fourmi a bar or a café? Depends what time of day you come here. By night, a good venue for a first date, by day a cosy café with WiFi and chocolate brownies. If you’re unable to work with noise, this might not be such a good choice, but if you like a bit of background hum then grab a barstool, sit against the window and watch the world go by.

1524655_1427186317512919_205833518_nBack to the dark side! Vigadi is another café that does the “really good basics” concept very well. I have whiled away many a happy hour in here working on projects or simply grabbing a quick tallat before hopping over to catch a train in the conveniently located ferrocarril station next-door. Space, WiFi, peace and quiet and –an important plus- some of the friendliest baristas around.

Source: Being self-employed in Barcelona.


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