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Where to buy or taste artisanal Catalan cheese in Barcelona

cb_barcelona_tecadevilaviniteca_pm_final2-400x266(By Paula Mourenza/Culinary Backstreets) Many gastronauts come to Barcelona in search of tapas or cutting-edge cooking, but rarely cheese.

We think that should change. Catalonia, after all, produces the greatest variety of artisan cheeses of all the regions in Spain, with more than 150 kinds at last count, many of them made by small producers or in milk cooperatives in the mountains using both pasteurized and raw milk from cows, sheep or goats.
While in the past, in order to taste these cheeses, one had to travel to the often-tiny village where a specific cheese was made, nowadays it’s much easier to find them at markets, specialized shops, restaurants and bars in Barcelona.

To better understand the evolution of Catalan cheesemaking and the vast array of artisan cheeses available today, we spoke with Eva Vila, a highly accomplished affineur – the person who receives cheese from the producer and cares for it and ages it to get it to the perfect condition for the consumer. She is the manager of La Teca de Vila Viniteca, a highly regarded gourmet food and wine shop owned by her family since 1932, with its own cavas expressly for aging cheese – Read more here

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