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PSG become World’s best-paid Sports team

logo-paris-saint-germain-2013Paris Saint-Germain are paying a higher average wage than any other club in any sport worldwide – with football clubs making up four of the top five positions in the salary table.

The Qatari-owned PSG’s average weekly wage – £101,898 – makes them sport’s biggest spenders, ranking them above Real Madrid (£96,933), last year’s top-ranked Manchester City (£96,445) and Barcelona (£90,675). Major League Baseball’s Los Angeles Dodgers (£89,999) complete the top five.

The annual ESPN/SportingIntelligence Global Salary Survey, now covering 333 teams from 17 leagues in 13 countries, was first produced in 2010, at which point the New York Yankees topped the rankings.

Now, eight of the top 12 in the list are football teams, three come from baseball and one from basketball – though the NBA remains the top paying league as a whole, with players averaging £2.67m annually. The average per player in England’s Premier League was £2.23m during the period under review. Read more here


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