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Behold the Most Shit-Obsessed Culture on the Planet

Pets de monja(By Mose Hayward/Tipsypilgrim).- Catalan statehood is in vogue, which leads many to ask: What makes Catalans so different? But more than anything, it’s Catalans’ glorification of excrement that proves that they are a truly singular people who deserve their own passports — and possibly their own secured borders.

Shit is always on the tip of a Catalan tongue.

  • For good luck, Catalans wish you “a lot of shit” (“molta merda!” = break a leg!).
  • Worrywarts “shits doubts” all the time (“cagadubtes“).
  • You can “shit it up” (“te l’has cagat” = you fucked up).
  • If, on the other hand, you do things very quickly you’re “shitting milk” (“cagant llets“).
  • If you’re an “underpants-shitter” (“cagacalces“) you’re obviously a coward.
  • If you “shit yourself in the salty sea” (“em cago en la mar salada“)1 you’re just generally swearing at your bad fortune.
  • To describe an ocher color, use the term merda d’oca — “the color of goose shit“.
  • Pets de llop — “wolf farts” are a type of explosive, fecally malodorous mushrooms that I’ve been told litter the Catalan countryside. In my years in Catalonia, I’ve never entered the woods, and now, I never will. Read more here.

One thought on “Behold the Most Shit-Obsessed Culture on the Planet

  1. Hi! I’m Catalan and there’s something about your post I wanted to point out. The “molta merda” expression is used in the performance/acting world only. When a play is being released or played by someone for the first time etc, it is believed it gives them bad luck if you wish them “bona sort” (good luck) or “molta sort” (a lot of luck). So, you can not use those expressions. The thing is, back in the day, when people used horses and so as means of transport, when they were going to see a play, outside the theater the horses would wait for their owners to return, and when mother nature calls, animals don’t wait… So, the more shit there was there, the more people had come to see the play so it meant a bigger success/more money for the actors, obviously. That’s why we use the expression “molta merda” (a lot of shit) in this context. Hope it helped.
    And by the way, you forgot many more! There is a type of biscuit called “pet de monja” (nun fart). The “caga tió” (shitting log), which is the source of presents on Christmas Day, not Santa. And the expression “fer-se el merda” (making a shit of himself), used when someone is being pretentious. Pretty sure still we have a few more…


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