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How long would it take you to earn a top footballer’s salary?

Global football stars earn some of the highest wages in the world. Cristiano Ronaldo’s contract at Real Madrid earns him around €350,000 (£265,000) each week. How much do you get paid compared with a top footballer? Use our calculator – part of the BBC’s A Richer World season – to find out.

Football club owners across Europe spent much of January thrashing out multi-million pound deals to sign players during the month’s transfer window.

In total, a massive £950m (€1.3bn; $1.4bn) has been spent by the 20 Premier League sides this season – an all-time high transfer outlay – and the game’s highest earners now receive bigger pay packets than ever before.


Back in 2001, when Sol Campbell left Tottenham for London rivals Arsenal, his £100,000 a week contract made him Britain’s first footballer to earn a six-figure weekly sum. Fourteen years later, Wayne Rooney’s current deal at Manchester United, signed last February, earns the England captain almost £300,000 each week.

According to football finance experts at Deloitte, the average wage for Premier League players rose to £1.6m during the 2012-13 season – the latest available data. That equates to £31,000 a week, which is more than the average UK worker earns in a year. Read more here …


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