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10 Best Vermouth Bars in Barcelona

Nx768xIMG_6129-1024x768.jpg.pagespeed.ic.FfplSFU9NE(By Ben Holbrook/driftwoodjournals) There’s nothing more hip in Barcelona than sipping on vermouth and nibbling on tapas with your friends, or fer el vermut as the locals call it. It’s become a ritual, an essential part of life here in the Catalan capital. La hora del vermut – the time for vermouth – starts around midday and is traditionally enjoyed as a pre-lunch aperitif, but in reality we sip on it at all hours. It’s seen quite a renaissance over the last couple of years and you can now order vermouth almost anywhere in the city.

The following bars, however, are what my friends and I consider to be the best vermouth bars in Barcelona. These are the places we love and visit most


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