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How and where to park for free in Barcelona?

small-Dove-parcheggiare-barcellonaGetting around a city by car is definitely easy and convenient, but the problems start with parking, especially in Barcelona. You have to be attentive to payment areas and resident zones to avoid penalties and an unplanned meeting with ‘La Grúa’. So here are a few suggestions, including free parking places, neighbourhoods without green or blue areas, and hours where to park without paying anything in Barcelona.

Finding free parking in Barcelona is hard, but not impossible!

The Catalan capital is a city that can be explored in many different ways. For tourists, the majority come to the city by plane and get around using public transport. Others decide to rent a motorbike or bicycle and get around on two wheels. There are also those who visit in a car, or simply now live here and need to get around independently. Locals though, know the plight of trying to find a place to park; car ownership in Barcelona as a percentage of the population is as high as 36% (by comparison London is at 30%) and with a road density higher than even New York. It’s a struggle to find a place to park, let alone a free one…

But whether you’re just visiting or you do live here; if your intention is to find parking without paying anything , it is important to know the correct areas and rules, because fines in Barcelona are very expensive and ‘La Grúa’ is hiding behind ever corner (and it’s just dying to meet you)! So to start with here are the basics of parking in Barcelona. Read more here

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