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Commuting from Barcelona to London

commute(By Ashifa Kassam) It began as a joke. “I was renting at the time, getting very frustrated with London prices – the usual scenario,” explains Sam Cookney. “I said to a friend that I bet it would be cheaper if I actually lived in Barcelona and commuted every day.”

He did the maths and the figures seemed to agree. In a 2013 blog post, he laid out the cost of the 930-mile commute, concluding that he would save €387 a month.

So, earlier this year when Cookney found himself looking for a new flat, he decided to heed his own advice and head south. “It seemed at the time to be the most sane, logical and best decision,” said Cookney, who is originally from Lancashire and had lived in London for nine years.

In June, Cookney – a 32-year-old who works in social media – packed his bags and headed to Barcelona. Read more…

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