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Neus Català, the only living Catalan survivor of Ravensbrück Nazi camp

Neus-Catala-traje-prisionera_EDIIMA20150308_0315_15(By Sara Prim).- Neus Català, the only living Catalan survivor of the Nazi concentration camp Ravensbrück and a symbol of anti-fascist resistance, turns 100 this Tuesday.

To commemorate her birthday and pay homage to the women deported to Nazi camps, the Memorial Democràtic de Catalunya (‘Democracy Fighters’ Memorial’) organised ‘La vida és preciosa’ (‘Life is beautiful’). The Memorial Democràtic de Catalunya is the public institution which aims to promote the investigation of the Spanish Civil War and the Franco dictatorship and commemorates the ideological victims.

The commemoration of Neus Català’s birthday culminated a year focused on her personage and legacy. Throughout 2015, commemorative events organised by different entities across the world have been carried out to preserve Català’s testimony.

The event La vida és preciosa’ was held in Liceu Opera House Conservatory’s auditorium, in Barcelona. Catalan actress Mercè Aranega performed the role of Neus Català in ‘Un cel de plom’ (‘A sky made of lead’), a play adapted from the novel of the same name, written by Carme Martí  and based on Neus Català’s memoirs.

Català’s daughet, Margarita, explained that her mother fought to preserve the memory of all these women extermined by Nazism. “To assume and to give voice to her personal experience is still Neus’ way to defend the loneliness of human kind and the validity of these committed lives” she stated. 

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