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What Expats Struggle With

(By InterNations) We’ve asked over 14,000 expats about their life abroad, including any problems they might have had. Find out which expats struggle with what and where!

The most common expat problems - infographic

Although expat life can be an enriching experience, there are also various problems that expats in particular face. More than half (52%) miss their personal support network, landing this specific concern on the top of the list. Those between the age of 26 and 30 struggle with the loss of their support system the most. Luckily, only a small percentage of expatriates has a hard time making new friends (26%), is struggling with the language barrier (26%) or culture shock (22%), or is tired of expat life and wants to settle down (21%). Moreover, only 10% say that the move has been bad for their psychological health.

Of course, these results vary according to the respondents’ destinations. For instance, 65% of the survey population in New Zealand struggles with the loss of their personal network, and 40% have a hard time making new friends in Denmark. Survey participants in Kuwait are particularly tired of expat life (53%) and expats in Israel are more prone to culture shock (40%).

Romantic problems seem to take a backseat for most expats. Still, 38% of single respondents say the expat lifestyle makes having a relationship rather difficult. Again, this is particularly the case for expats between 26 and 30, 45% of whom struggle with this. Moreover, India seems to be a destination where finding a partner seems especially hard, according to 49% of single survey respondents.

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