ac_180This is your all year-long way to keep in touch to whats going on both in England and Catalonia. We’ll try to keep you busy with the latest info and musts for Anglophiles, Catalanophiles or the random visitor alike.

It is not a secret, we love England and we love Catalonia. The number of us travelling constantly between the two countries, those of us who have decided to move either way and have seen the AngloCatalan community grow, or the increasing group of world citizens who want to be in the know, grasp that we need to access relevant data, news and facts all the time. We do not like to behave like grumpy expats and we do not want to cut strings with our origins because there is no need too… AC is your place.

We’d like AC to become whatever you want it to be, so if you have any suggestion or wish to collaborate with us, drop us a message.

We’re currently looking for bloggers to adding opinion pieces on the issues that get you excited.

(AC is an AC Lab initiative)