Hi Newcomers!

Participa al programa d’acollida i integració dels catalans al Regne Unit que organitzen Catalans UK, amb la col·laboració de la Delegació del Govern de Catalunya al Regne Unit.

Com a part d’aquest programa, hi haurà tallers interculturals, que es duran a terme els a Londres de manera totalment gratuïta.

Proper Taller: Dissabte 10 d’Octubre 2015, de 10 a 13:30.

Lloc: Delegació del Govern de la Generalitat al Regne Unit (17 Fleet street EC4Y 1AA).

Accés gratuït.
Places limitades a 15 persones

Per a més informació, o per reservar lloc, envieu email a info@catalansuk.com.


El programa de la primera sessió aquí

p1000346Catalans UK, in collaboration with the Delegation of the Government of Catalonia to the United Kingdom and Ireland, has launched a new welcome program aiming to support Catalan newcomers

Led by Marina Falcó, an expert in intercultural communication and member of the Board of Catalans UK, they are totally free of charge.

The first workshop of the program, entitled “Welcome Newcomers”, was held on the 24th of May 2014, with the aim of providing guidance to those Catalans who have just arrived in the United Kingdom

The workshops, which last for about three hours, include explanations about the social and working context in the United Kingdom, as well as a review of the country’s different cultural features, practical advice on effective job search techniques and different recommendations on the integration process.

This program, which takes place in the Delegation headquarters, is aimed at people who have recently arrived in the UK, or simply those who are interested in receiving good advice on how to integrate successfully into British society. Among the participants there are students, job seekers, and people seeking to improve in their careers.

The program will be conducted periodically throughout the year and is open to everyone willing to participate.

Èxit d’assistència i participació en la Segona edició del Programa d’Acollida i Integració de Nouvinguts


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